R. Graham Reynolds Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology

Research Associate, Harvard University Museum of Comparative Zoology

National Geographic Explorer

Red List Authority (co-chair), IUCN SSC Snake Specialist Group

Contact: greynold (at) unca (dot) edu

Willow Ogburn ’22

Phylogenomics of Caribbean boas

Maddy Bankard ’22

Population genomics of Virgin Islands boas

Austin Cone ’22

Remote sensing of Conception Island National Park, Bahamas

Hailey Wunder ’23

Phylogenetics of dwarf geckos

Lab Alumni

Alyssa Vanerelli ’21

Biology of Caribbean reptiles

now a PhD student in the Geneva Lab at Rutgers-Camden-

Keeley Peek ’21

Spatial ecology of boas, hellbender conservation

now a DVM student at NC State

Ari Miller ’20

Biodiversity of reptiles, southeast Asian herpetofauna

now a PhD student at WashU in the Losos Lab

Isabel Johnson ’20

Invasion genetics of Mottled Sculpin

Now a sea turtle technician with Georgia DNR

Molly Reger ’19

Conservation biology of Turks Island boas

now a DVM student at NC State

Kay Tyrlik ’19

Conservation of Hellbenders; Fullbright Fellow

Now an MS Student in Epidemiology at UNC-CH

Alana Nunn

Distribution of South Pacific reptiles

now a biologist with the Virgin Islands Park Service

Maaian Edery ’19

Phylogeography of Gray-cheeked Salamanders

Clair Huffine ’18

Phylogenetics of Puerto Rican dwarf geckos

now a PhD student at UC Boulder

Darcy Davis ’18

Phylogenetic comparative analysis of vertebrate methylation rates

now a DO student

Emily Aungst ’18

Conservation genetics of Puerto Rican boas

now a technician with the EPA

Shannon Bodeau ’19

Population Genetics of Weller’s Salamander

Amy Castle ’17

Phylogenetics of Caribbean green anoles

Robert Chambliss ’16

Biology of Weller’s Salamanders

now an MS student at Western Kentucky University